“Coaching invites successful people to evaluate their current state, understand where they want to be in the future, and build an efficient path to get there.”

Courtney Kent

I combine ten years of consulting experience across three continents with proven coaching techniques to help people achieve their goals faster.

Whether it’s securing a promotion, deciding where to take your career next, or defining what you want from life, I help clients analyze where they’re at, focus on their priorities and achieve their goals.


CK coaching is a tailored experience. I work across time zones and can adapt the frequency and length of sessions to fit your schedule. All sessions are conducted via Zoom, a high-quality internet conferencing service.

I offer leadership and business coaching but often find that a holistic approach combining techniques from both areas gets the best results. 


Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is for people who want to: 

  • Fast track themselves to promotion 

  • Define their leadership style and brand

  • Re-think a negative mindset that’s holding them back professionally

Case Study: Struggling to delegate 
After being promoted to a senior role, one of my clients was struggling to find the right balance between delegating and being a hands-on manager. We worked together over a period of six months to identify and articulate his leadership vision and build confidence in his decision making to empower his team and ensure collective success.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is a great way to:

  • Define, measure and execute on your strategic plan

  • Have a confidential sounding board to discuss key business issues and solutions

  • Engage your team and increase performance

Case Study: How do we prepare for growth?
After a stagnant business year, an entrepreneur I worked with was looking for renewed strategic vision and a partner to hold her accountable to massive action. A year later, she found 40% sales growth, inspired vision and renewed motivation as a business owner and leader. 



“Before coaching, I felt frustrated my career wasn’t moving as quickly as I’d like. With Courtney’s help, I have a plan in place and know how I’ll achieve my goals.”



I’m an outcome-oriented coach with a direct style. Our sessions are far more than a discussion: expect to be challenged, expect me to share how I see it, and expect results.


All sessions will be structured and well-rounded, drawing on a combination of psychology, business and real-world business experience.


In our sessions we will use a variety of techniques to:

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses and identify limiting beliefs

  • Prioritize values and define next steps

  • Increase your confidence to improve performance


As a triple-certified Executive Coach, Life Coach and CPA, I combine techniques from a variety of fields:

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

This discipline applies psychological analysis techniques to the workplace, evaluating how you feel about work and relate to your colleagues. It can help leaders understand the context in which they’re operating and identify barriers to collective success.


360 Feedback

As well as self evaluation, we offer the option of conducting 360 feedback with your team. We can then incorporate these different perspectives in to our sessions and identify development areas.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

This approach can help people uncover links between past experiences and current expectations. We’ll explore how your mind has been programmed to think about success and how this may impact your current experience.



Whether it’s as part of a global consultancy firm or working with clients one on one, I help individuals and teams to succeed.


As well as founding CK Coaching, I also provide executive coaching to tech, financial services, and private equity firms in my role as Managing Director with a leadership development consultancy firm. 


In all my coaching, I draw on my ten years’ experience in consultancy, working in Hong Kong, New York, London and San Diego.

Business administration and Accounting degrees from Point Loma Nazarene University

Certified Public Accountant

Certified Life Coach through Life Purpose Institute

Member of the International Coach Federation, Certified ACC